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Q. Should I replace my existing heating furnace or heat pump system?


A. When a system is older, neglected or in need of major repairs, then it’s time to consider changing it out to a new energy efficient model. Today’s furnaces & heat pumps are considerably more efficient than systems even 10 years old. The utility costs alone may pay for the cost of a new unit in a very reasonable period of time.


To help make your decision you need to weigh three factors: the cost of fuel, the “heat load” of your home & your furnaces efficiency. Fuel costs are a wild card; you can get an energy audit to see where you can reduce your heating load, insulation, weather stripping, etc. Let’s look at replacing an 80% efficient 15 year old furnace and installing a 95% efficient furnace.


This alone could cut your heating costs by upwards of 20 – 25%. This may be savings enough to pay for the new furnace when you take into account that a well maintained furnace can last 20 – 25 years!


Q. How much is it going to cost me?


A. A lot depends on the type of furnace & the actual installation for your particular home. For example, a typical single stage high efficient Keeprite furnace installed by Meridian Mechanical can be installed for $3,199 + GST. (Based on an existing gas furnace, removal & environmental disposal, new furnace installed with basic sheet metal transition, basic electrical & approx. 20 ft. of venting. Gas permit extra). At that rate the furnace would only need a $40 per month savings to be making you money in 7 years.


Q. How do I know what is the correct system for my home or business?


A. Many factors come into play in selecting the right system for any building. Size & condition of your building, ductwork, accessories you may need, the purpose of the upgrade or addition.  Let Meridian Mechanical assist you in finding what’s right for your needs. We can give you all the different options & the budgets to help in this process.


Q. What’s involved in this replacement?


A. Once we have decided on the system that’s going to work for you, we set up a time for the installation and make a list of tasks & materials to perform the job. We talk over the job with you before the start date & address any questions or concerns. On the day before we call & let you know all the equipment is ready as well as the crew.


On the install day, we arrive at the time agreed, lay out protective sheets as needed, give you an update of the time line, noise, drilling etc. that you can expect. After the job is complete we clean our way out, remove all debris for recycling & then give you instructions & info on how to operate the new equipment. A day or two later, Richard will call you to check on the job, see to any concerns & confirm the status of the work.


The first year we like to consider that even though you paid for the job, we still own it! 1 free service call or maintenance call is included with every installation. Each job is Guaranteed 100%.


Q. Where does the heat pump get the heat & how does it do that when it’s so cold outside?


A. The refrigerant can still evaporate in the outdoor coil at low temperatures & draw heat out of the surrounding air. This heated refrigerant now flows in to the indoor coil where it warms your home. Some models are so efficient that they can even operate well below freezing. Call or email us for more information.


Q. Will this save me money?


A. Yes. Due to the energy efficiency of the newer equipment you will save on your energy costs. A Heat Pump can save up to 50% on your heating bill over an electric furnace; the new gas furnaces can save up to 25% over the older units.


The best combination can be the HYBRID system, a heat pump with a gas furnace. Call on the experts at Meridian Mechanical & we will help assist you with your decision.


Q. What should I look for in regards to an installation company?


A. The most important thing about any installation is who is doing the work.  You want to be sure the heat pump is being installed by a Red Seal Refrigeration Mechanic & your gas appliances are being installed by a licensed Gas Fitter.   At Meridian Mechanical only licensed trades persons & their apprentices will be doing this work at your home or business.  100% Guaranteed.



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Frequently Asked Questions



Things you can do to save money on your equipment.


  Change or clean your filters often.  This is one of the most common service calls we get. Try checking them once a month until you figure out the proper interval between replacements or cleaning.


  Determine where your furnace shut off is.  It’s usually a wall switch in the basement or just under the crawl space access.


  Find out where your main gas shut off is.  In case of an emergency this can be a critical thing to know. Remember, if you smell gas, leave the house & call from outside or from a neighbour’s house.


  Where is the water main in your home?  Where is the street shut off? Find out these locations.  This can save you a lot of grief in a water emergency.


  Get an annual safety inspection on all your gas fired appliances.  This will help to keep the equipment running at its best, catch problems before they get worse & keep your warranties current.


  Call Meridian Mechanical and we will try to talk you through simple problems over the phone, avoiding costly service calls.

Remember that our charges are at Regular Rate! No after-hours overtime or weekend charge out rates, EVER!

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