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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps have become very popular on Vancouver Island.  One of the reasons for this is the energy savings. According to Natural Resources Canada heat pumps can save up to 50% on your energy bill.


There are a couple of different types of systems: Ducted & Ductless or Mini Split.  Both have their place; let Meridian Mechanical assist you in your decision. We can help you in home, on the phone or on line via email. Meridian Mechanical offers flat rate pricing on most typical jobs so there are no surprises later.


Let’s discuss the pros of each type:


Ductless Mini Split

A ductless system is extremely efficient & quiet. It is some of the most efficient heat pump systems available up to 27.5 SEER. Indoor units operate as low as 26 db (the level of rustling leaves), precise temperature control in each room & an attractive design.


Ductless Heat Pumps offer ease of installation, energy efficiency & quiet performance. It’s the smart choice.


Some of the benefits are:

  Fast installation, generally done & running the same day.

•  Reduced energy costs, the Inverter Heat Pumps feature high performance variable speed compressors.

•  Cleaner, healthier air. Many come with Plasma air purifying technology.

•  High speed heating & cooling. Powerful Jet Cool feature quickly cools or heats the room to your desired temperature.

•  Multi room application; several units can be hooked up to one outdoor unit.

•  Flexibility in renovations. Easy to install without the need for ductwork. Ideal in replacing electric baseboard heaters on slab    •  •  built homes.



Call or email Meridian for a free estimate.


Ducted Heat pumps

Most homes that have a traditional furnace are a perfect

candidate for adding a Heat Pump. We add an indoor coil

& an outdoor unit, some wiring & controls. This has the

advantage of using what’s already there & adding an

energy efficient component. As every home is a little

different; we generally have to do a site visit to confirm

what will work with your existing equipment.


Feel free to call or email Meridian Mechanical with any questions

& to get a free estimate.  We do have a flat rate pricing schedule

for most typical installations.



Choosing a furnace system

These days with rising energy prices & our concern for the environment, homeowners search for all the value they can get in this major purchase. When it’s time to upgrade to an energy efficient furnace, you look for a system that delivers the most reliable, cost efficient model. You want one that will deliver season after season.


The furnaces Meridian Mechanical installs are high efficient models, up to 98% efficient! They don’t have pilot lights that can be responsible for up to 6% of your furnace fuel bill. The chimney temperature of an older gas furnace can be upwards of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The modern furnace that Meridian Mechanical installs in your home taps these hot gasses & routes them through a secondary heat exchanger. Virtually all of heating value goes into keeping your home comfortable.


Many of our furnaces come with a “No Hassle Replacement Limited Warranty”. This gives you the continued comfort with no worries, no questions. Now you can have a new replacement unit should a major component like the heat exchanger fail. This is extra coverage in addition to the standard warranty.


We also install replacement electric furnaces.


Meridian Mechanical also guarantees our work for one full year after installation.
This is a 100% guarantee.  Ask us about the full range of warranties available.


There are a number of different types of fireplaces Meridian Mechanical installs. The Direct Vent & the Insert.



Direct Vent Fireplaces



The Direct Vent is a newer style of fireplace that is easily installed on an outside wall. You can even put a flat screen TV above it or build it into a bookcase. You are only limited by your imagination. These units can be installed with various types of features, fans, thermostats, remote controls & trim to complement any decor. These are especially nice to install in basement developments & renovations.




Insert Fireplaces


If your home has a wood burning fireplace you know how much

heat you lose when it’s operating. Most look fine but once you

build a fire in them, they are pulling warm room air into them to

burn. They can even draw air through cracks in your doors or

outside walls. Like most people, you don’t fire these up without

getting a cold draft.


A great option we have found at Meridian Mechanical is to install

a Direct Vent Insert. With all the air for combustion coming from

outside, this unit only supplies warmth.


At Meridian Mechanical we service all brands of fireplaces.

Gas Fitting

At Meridian Mechanical we are licenced Gas Fitters.

Ask us about any of your gas fitting projects, Cook Stove

hook ups, BBQ lines for your deck, Outdoor Fireplaces &

Fire pits, and underground gas lines to garages or guest



Gas Fitting Services, certified to install & service:

•  Gas  Fireplaces

•  Gas Furnaces

•  Gas Hot Water Tanks & Tankless

•  Garage & Shop Heaters

•  Cooktops & Ranges

•  Patio & Space Heaters

•  Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ’s


Call or email us to discuss any of your projects.

Hot Water Heaters

Meridian Mechanical services & installs Traditional as well as Tankless Water heaters. Some of the advantages of the On Demand style are the energy savings as well as Government Grants. Call or email us for an update on what grants are currently available.


The advantages of a tank-less hot water system are many:

•  An endless supply of hot water.

•  Hot water on demand.

•  Provides hot water only when you need it.

•  Usually installed same day.

•  Reduces energy costs. Space savings, average saving of 12 – 16 sq. ft. vs a 40 gallon tank.

•  Reliability.  Conventional water heaters last on average 10 years, tank-less last up to 20 years* based on DOE ENERGY STAR  •  •  life cycle estimates.


Call or email Meridian Mechanical for a free estimate.















Let’s look at treating the air first.


Ultra Violet Lights


The system I use in my home is the Sanuvox UV Light. This is a special light installed in the return air duct of the furnace. It treats the air as it comes into contact with the light. It’s amazing how effective this is in controlling odours & bacteria. For those that could use a little extra convincing of how effective this light system is, we have a portable unit. We generally lend it out for a few days; it’s installed in the bedroom of someone with allergies or sensitivity to mould, dust, etc. This gives you some time to realize how effective it is. Then we return to pick it up. Generally we then schedule an installation date! A number of people have purchased the portable units to use at work to combat the poor air quality in sealed offices.


Air Filtration


A key part of your furnace system is the air filtration. In general, the filter supplied with your furnace is the bare minimum to stop large particles from entering the blower motor & causing damage. It does little for your comfort level. Meridian Mechanical often installs a filter bank with a pre & post filter as well as a MERV 11 filter or better. This, combined with some other options, will give your home better air than almost anywhere outside of a “clean room”.


HRV’s & ERV’s


These are an important addition to any home. An HRV is an energy recovery ventilation system that allows for the transfer of heat in exhausted air to be exchanged into the incoming fresh air. As building efficiency improves & the building is tighter due to better insulation & weather stripping, they have become less well ventilated. All homes & buildings require fresh air. This has made the need for an HRV obvious. While opening a window does provide ventilation, it loses heat in the winter & gains heat in the summer. This puts an added load on the heating & cooling equipment. An HRV introduces fresh air & improves climate control while promoting efficient energy use.


Call or email Meridian Mechanical for an evaluation of your home and a free estimate.

Indoor Air Quality

In our newer homes, older homes or renovation projects, indoor air is becoming more important all the time.  Our homes are getting tighter with new windows, doors & insulation. In fact some of our homes just aren’t breathing right. Don’t forget some of the things we add like jetted tubs, dishwashers, steam showers & more.


All these add to moisture problems & potential mould.

With all these great additions to the quality of our life we can add systems to control our indoor environment.


Commercial Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment


At Meridian Mechanical we are fully trained & licenced Red Seal Refrigeration Mechanics & apprentices. We offer many years in the industry servicing all major brands of kitchen equipment & refrigeration. We have serviced small cafes to large 1000 person oil field camps & everything in between.


Here is a list of just some of the types of equipment we take care of:

•  Walk in coolers & freezers.

•  Reach in & prep coolers.

•  Ice machines, all makes of flakers & cubers.

•  Display coolers & freezers including sushi cases.

•  Ranges & ovens, gas & electric.

•  Combi ovens, all brands.

•  Steam ovens & kettles.

•  Buffalo choppers & general equipment.

•  Commercial dish washers, stationary & conveyor.

•  Rotary ovens.

•  Deep fat fryers, gas & electric.

•  Steam tables & heaters.

•  Make Up Air & Exhaust systems

•  And more…..


We are available to meet with you & discuss any of your specific needs.


Meridian Mechanical also offers scheduled Maintenance Programs to keep your operation running at peak efficiency.

Commercial Refrigeration

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